Maria Richmond(c1796-??)

Maria Richmond(c1796-??) was born c1796 (probably earlier?) in Portsea Hampshire. There is a record of a Mary Ann Richmond, daughter of Henry Richmond and Sarah, baptised in Portsea on 22 September 1799 at Saint John, Portsea, Hampshire To have married in 1809, suggests a birth year earlier than 1794.

We believe she married three times:

In the 1841 census [HO107/692 Folio: 32, Page: 23] at Collingwood Terrace Bethnal Green resided:

Mary Ann Thorp(sic), a widow, married Lawrence Pette Bull, a widower and Butcher, on 10th September 1849 [1849Q3 Greenwich Vol: 5, Page: 284] at St Alphage Greenwich. The fathers are described as George Bull a Gentleman, and William Sparshott a Mariner. Mary Ann signed with an "X". The witnesses were William Sparshott (actually the bride's STEP-father) and possibly Juliana Crew.

In the 1851 census[HO107/1555 Folio: 181, Page: 19] at Savages Cottages, Old Ford Bow there resided:

In the 1851 census[HO107/1587 Folio: 420, Page: 13] at Greenwich Hospital is included:
William Sparshott age 67 Private pendioner born Kent Greenwich.

The death of a William Sparshott is recorded in 1854: [1854Q1 Greenwich Vol: 1d, Page: 405] and also in 1855: [1855Q1 Clerkenwell Vol: 1b, Page: 459].

In the 1861 census[RG9/258 Folio: 28, Page: 79] at 24 Bethnal Gn Rd resided:

In the 1861 census[RG9/401 Folio:51, Page: 8] at 6 Trafalgar Rd, Greenwich there are recorded:

A possible death record of Maria Chambers age 74 born 1793 [1867Q3 Bethnal Green Vol: 1c, Page: 138].

Her parents are likely to have been Henry Richmond and Sarah ??-Richmond.