Mary Ann Kingsford (1808-1875)

Mary Ann Kingsford (1808-1875) was born in Canterbury England.

Mary Ann Kingsford (1808-1875) married John Frederick Gerner (1805-1839) a Cooper on 13th May 1827 at ?? in Stepney.
He died of Consumption aged 34 on 30th January 1839 at 15 Devonshire Street West Stepney.

After the death of her husband in 1839, as a widow of full age residing at Barking, she married Charles John Thorpe (1808-1892) a Joiner and Widower of full age residing at All Hallowes. The marriage after Banns took place at All Hallows Barking on 23rd February 1840 and was witnessed by his father Thomas Thorpe, a Joiner, and Maria Willbourne. Her father is described as a Tailor "Dead".

A conflict exists between two reports of emigration from the UK:

Charles Thorpe and Mary Ann Kingsford-Gerner-Thorpe(1808-1875) had children including:

Mary Ann Kingsford-Gerner-Thorpe died in 1875. Charles & Mary Thorpe in West Terrace 
Charles Thorpe died in 1892 in Kent Town (suburb of Adelaide) South Australia.

His parents were Thomas Edward Thorpe (1779-??) and Elizabeth or Sarah??.
Her parents were ??