Mary Ann Green(1810-1875)

Mary Ann Green(1810-1875) was on born 18th August 1810 and baptised 25th September 1810 Saint John, Portsea, Hampshire.
She married Charles John Thorpe (1808-??) on 29th July 1829 at St Luke Finsbury Old Street. It is believed that they had children including:

It seems that Charles Thorpe and most of the family emigrated to South Australia on 14th December 1840 aboard Fairfield - leaving one daughter: Henrietta Louisa Thorpe-Metcalfe (1838-??) behind!
It is unclear whether Charles' wife Mary Ann Green-Thorpe went with him, but she was clearly back in the UK before the 1851 UK census.

Before emigrating, it seems that Charles Thorpe a Joiner and Widower of full age residing at All Hallowes married Mary Ann Gerner (formerly Kingsford) (1808-1875)a widow of full age residing at Barking. The marriage after Banns took place at All Hallows Barking on 23rd February 1840 and was witnessed by his father Thomas Thorpe, a Joiner, and Maria Willbourne. Her father is described as a Tailor "Dead".

Charles Thorpe and his new wife had children in Australia including:

In the 1841 UK census no record has been found of the family but a record in Australia may exist.

Mary Ann Thorp(sic), a widow, married Lawrence Pette Bull, a widower and Butcher, on 10th September 1849 [1849Q3 Greenwich Vol: 5, Page: 284] at St Alphage Greenwich. The fathers are described as George Bull a Gentleman, and William Sparshott a Mariner. Mary Ann signed with an "X". The witnesses were William Sparshott (actually the bride's STEP-father) and possibly Juliana Crew.

In the 1851 UK census[HO107/1555 Filio: 181, Page: 19] at Savages Cottages, Old Ford Bow there resided:

In the 1861 UK census[RG9/258 Folio: 28, Page: 79] at 24 Bethnal Gn Rd resided: