Charles Whitewood (1887-1975)

Charles Whitewood (1887-1975)

Charles Whitewood (1887-1975) was born on the Isle of Wight at The Hole, Mottistone (see the picture below) on 10th May 1887 [I.Wight 1887Q2 Vol: 2b, Page: 652]. He left school at the age of 12 and worked on the estate of the first Lord Mottistone. Later on he drove the pony and trap, and subsequently the coach and pair when collecting guests from the railway station for Lord Mottistone.

In the 1871 census a household at Hole Cottage IOW included:

In the 1881 census a household at Hole Cottage IOW included:

In the 1891 census a household at Hole Cottage IOW included:

In the 1901 census a household at Hole Cottage IOW included:

Charles volunteered for the Royal Irish Fusiliers and served in WW1 in France. After the war, he married Gladys Muriel Murgatroyd (1894-1946) at St Catherines Church on 26th July 1919 and came to live in London at 46 Wallbutton Road not far from where the Murgatroyd family lived (at number 28). They had three children:

The twins were born at 46 Walbutton Road - Jacqueline first.
The family was bombed out in WW2 and moved further out of London. In later life Charles worked at ????????????

Charles' parents were Charles Whitewood (c1846-??) and Ellen Barnes-Whitewood (c1856-??) who were married around 1872-1875.
Charles' grandparents were Henry Whitewood (1806-??) and Harriet ???-Whitewood (1804-??) who were married between 1826-1846.
Benjamin Whitewood and Jane Dunkinson are the parents of Henry Whitewood christened on 27 July 1806 at Brixton Hampshire.

Charles Whitewood was my maternal uncle.

The Hole, Mottistone

Charles was born at The Hole, Mottistone, IOW

Charles in WW1 on horseback

Charles in WW1 on horseback - Royal Irish Fusiliers


Wedding in 1919 of Charles Whitewood and Gladys Murgatroyd (L to R):
Back row:The nanny, Margery, Maurice, Vivien, Dorothy
Middle row: Arthur Haley, Alma, Charles Whitewood, Gladys, Stephanie, Alice Emma
Front row: Pauline, Barbara, Gerald

Gladys with three children

Gladys with twins Jacqueline & Dennis born in 1924, Arthur born in 1921