Almira/Elmina Wright-Clarke (1872-??)

Almira/Elmina Wright-Clarke (1872-??) was born on 26th October 1872 at 4 Ann Street, St George in the East, but the birth was not registered until 6th December 1872. On the birth registration no father is given. Her name has been spelled differently throughout her life including as Almira, Elmina, and Elmvira. She was known by her nephews as Aunt Myra. Her mother's name at birth is given as Amelia Wright a Machinist.

They had the following children:

In the 1881 census [RG11/0456-100 Page Number:17] she was living with her grand-parents at 6 Ann Street Census Place London, Middlesex, England and mother. They were recorded as:

In the 1891 census at 6 Tillman St, St George [RG12/288] were included:

Elmina Wright married Frederick Clarke on 24th March 1895 at St Thomas' Church, Stepney. The fathers were given as Benjamin Clark a Warehouseman, and John Wright a Gun Maker. The witnesses were J. Rigg and A.C. Rigg.

In the 1901 census the family is recorded at 18 Bermuda Street, Mile End Old Town and the family comprised:

and at 125 Jamaica Street, Mile End Old Town, Stepney [RG13/330]:

In the 1911 census at 14 Sidney Street, Stepney there resided:

Her mother Amelia Wright died a widow aged 72 on 5th October 1925 at 18 Bermuda Street. The death was certified by her daughter Elmina Clarke (née Wright) of 26 Exmouth Street Mile End Old Town, who was present at the death.

Her parents were father unknown and Amelia Wright-Rigg (1852-1925).