Malcolm Rigg

This website is a focus for the family research to which various members of the family (Rigg, Murgatroyd, Thompson, and Dewhirst) have contributed. I am especially grateful to my great aunt Win who gave me the photo album started by her mother in 1884, and also to a second cousin who passed onto me the photo album of my great grandmother. Other members of the family have contributed photos from their own collections but many photos are missing including those lost in WW2.
My CV is viewable at CV
A major contributor has been my New Zealand cousin with her extensive researches into the Murgatroyd and Dewhirst family trees. There have been useful contributions from more distant "cousins" which is gratefully acknowledged.
The aim of the website is to provide a means for other members of the extended family to share, contribute to, correct and amplify what we know of our forbears.
If you can identify any of the unnamed individuals that I have and will put up on the site, your feedback will be much appreciated. If you are related to any of the branches described herein, and can add information, please make contact.
I have also included on this website family trees excluding anyone alive. The major trees are of my four grandparents but subtrees and pedigrees are included on some smaller family tree branches.
Finally, Jade our much missed cat makes an updated appearance with her own (now posthumous) page. She used, when alive to have a more regular update of her pages. We even once had a query about her email address.